The digital way of Gift-Giving!

The digital way of Gift-Giving!

What is an ideal doctor’s gift? What is the ideal gift to any healthcare professional?

The doctors, the nurses, and all our colleagues in the healthcare profession who work hard in caring for others sometimes need a little prescription of fun. When you want to give them appreciation on their special day or any day, a gift card is a very thoughtful way of saying you care.

Electronic Gift Cards: The Digital Way of Gift Giving

What is an E-Gift Card (E-GC)? E-gift card is simply the electronic version of a gift card. You purchase it online and redeem it online. You can send it to a recipient electronically usually through e mail from where they can use it to pay for products purchased online. You may print the E-GC if you prefer it placed in a fancy box or an envelope.

Why would you give that special person in the medical field an E-GC?

• They can purchase anything they need or want from the store like scrubs or merchandise.

• E-gift cards cannot be misplaced.

• Finding the perfect gift for a healthcare worker is made easy.

- Imagine when you need to give a gift to a loved one who is a medic, and you are a non-medic. As a non-medic, you might not have any clue as to what your loved one needs.

- Imagine giving a gift to a doctor who has everything, an E-GC will save you time from indecisions.

Not to mention, gifting E-GC saves you valuable time. You do not have to go to a store to get a physical gift card. You do not have to wait for it to be delivered to you.

E-Gift cards are a perfect gift idea to ensure you get it right. At CYTY, we have quality medical clothing and accessories that they will surely want.

It is advisable to buy gift cards from trusted and secure website. Get the E-GC at

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