About Us

Mission & Vision

CYTY aims to be the leading brand in medical fashion. We focus on ultra-modern & innovative designs, while only using premium sustainable materials.


• Empowering healthcare professionals to look and feel their best.

• Maintaining a customer-centric approach.

• Encouraging positivity, respect and growth within our work force.

• Paying forward by giving back to our community.

• Minimizing our carbon footprint in our day-to-day operations, and leaving less waste throughout the entire production process by working with environmentally conscious individuals and manufacturers.

CYTY Gives

• CYTY supports and partners with organizations that make an impact to the community through charitable work.

• We believe in creating an authentic bond with our customers and the people we serve by giving back and paying forward.

• We believe in making a difference for those who most need it.

CYTY Gives

Answering The Cry Of The Poor (ANCOP)



ANCOP Walk August 2023 ANCOP Walk August 2023

ANCOP Walk August 2023

Please visit this gallery periodically for updates, photos, community giving.

Who We Are

We offer the gift of comfort & forward design, and we do it with the earth in mind.

CYTY is founded by a healthcare professional for healthcare professionals.

Behind the growth of CYTY is a mother and daughter duo. While the mom is a registered nurse, the daughter is a young fashion designer and a graduate of Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, California.

Through fusing their passion for healthcare, fashion and sustainability…they created CYTY.


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